Adding or deleting test results in Configuration Compliance v9.0 after upgrade

Adding or deleting test results from test result groups created by a group rule is not immediately available upon upgrade and must be added manually by a user with the sys_admin role.

Overview of the functionality: When viewing the Test Results related list under a group in All Groups, an Edit button has been added which takes you to a slush bucket where you can manually add or remove the existing test results from that particular Test Result Group. The group is marked Manually Modified and a field message is shown under the Group rule field - "The test result list for this group has been manually modified and no longer matches the group rule."

The Group rule field should be brought into Group Configuration section under Grouping method field on Test Result Group form. 

Steps to modify the location of Group rule field on test result group form:

  1. Navigate to Configuration Compliance --> Test Result Groups
  2. Open a Test Result Group.
  3. Click on the hamburger menu.
    • Select Configure --> Form Layout
    • Under Form view and section --> Section, Select Group Configuration.
    • Under the Available slush bucket, select Group rule.
    • Place the Group rule field under Grouping method field under the Selected slush bucket.
    • Click Save.
      You are returned to the Test Result Group form.


Steps to add the Edit button to the test result group form in test results related list:

        1. Navigate to the Test Results related list on the Test Result Group form.


        2. Click on any of the column hamburger menus (for instance - column named 'Technology')


          3. Click on the hamburger menu  on List Control form.

          4. Select Configure --> Form Layout

             5. Under Form view and section --> Section, ensure List Control is selected.

             6. Move Omit edit condition from the Available slush bucket to the Selected slush bucket.


          7. Click Save. You are returned to the List Control form.

          8. In Omit edit condition script, add/modify the following code: "if (parent.method == "filter_group")  answer=true;


          9. Click Update.

        10. Verify that the Edit button appears in the Test Results related list.