PPM widgets on project workbench are not working as expected.


PPM widgets on project workbench's financial tab are not following order field and inactive widgets are still available in financial summary section.


1) Are the Financial widgets displayed on Planning Console configurable?
As per documentation
By setting Active filed, widget should show/hide from associated workbenches.
As it is not happening in OOB, it is a product defect and a new PRB (PRB1422296) is already raised.

As a workaround:
if you want to hide the widget from financial workbench/planning console, then please remove the widget association from 'Table: Project', this will also hide the widget from Project Financial Workbench.

2) Can we change the Order, making them visible/invisible other than using the 'Widget Configuration'?
Navigate to 'Widget associations 'table (sn_app_widget_association_list.do) -> filter ' Association ID ' with ' Table: Project '
You can see Order field. Rearrange the order here.