How to send direct messages to the User instead of messages in Slack Channels


This knowledge article describes how to send the notification messages to the Slack user in private instead of sending it to the Channels where other users present. The message will be sent to the Slackbot channel which is dedicated to every user. (Example: Assignments notification in this case)


This can be achieved using the Flow Designer with the Slack Webhook actions. 

Actions to be performed on Slack:

1. Go to and click "Create New App"

2. Pick a name, choose a workspace and click on "Create App"

3. Click on "Incoming webhook" feature.

4. Toggle the Activate button.

5. Click on "Add new Webhook to Workspace"

3. Select the channel as Slackbot and Allow.

4. Copy the webhook URL and note it.

Actions to be performed in ServiceNow instance:

1. Create a Flow.

2. Set the Trigger incident created.

3. Create an Action -  select Slack Webhooks -> Post Incident Details

4. Enter the Webhook URL copied 

Once the Incident is assigned to you, the Slack Notification will be received.