Getting 413 when making OAuth access token call


When making a request to Instance to get the OAuth token server is returning 413 response and OAuth call is failing

Release or Environment



OAuth Token call content-type will be application/x-www-form-urlencoded and that content type should have a max payload is 2 MB, if it exceeds more than that then the OAuth call fails with 413 and We won't even see an error in application node logs and the error is returned from Tomcat Server.


* Please avoid sending any payload along with Access token request call

* Normally when we are making the OAuth call there is no need to send the payload, we just need Client ID, Client Secret, and Refresh token.

* if still, you need to send Payload with OAuth access token request then make sure the payload should not exceed 2 MB

* But by default for normal Scripted REST API we accept 25 MB of payload since the Content-Type for this will be different