In ATF Open Existing Record the failure message is not descriptive


In New York and previous releases, opening an existing record on a parent table, but then selecting a record from a child table, used to produce a helpful descriptive message explaining which table was expected to open and which table actually opened. In early Paris the test would fail with "the form failed to load" which lacks useful information.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Navigate to Automated Test Framework > Test.
  2. Click "New" to create a new test, name it, and click "Submit".
  3. On the Test form, click "Add New Test Step" then "Form", then "Open an Existing Record" then "Next".
  4. Set the fields on the form as follows:
    1. Form UI = Standard UI
    2. Table = Task [task]
    3. Record = any sc_task record
  5. Click "Submit".
  6. On the Test form, click "Run Test" - you may need to open a client test runner if one is not already open.
  7. Watch the test run in the Client Test Runner.
  8. Return back to the test form and click "Go to Results" in the test runner modal. The form does not load, trying to open form [sc_task] instead of [task], showing the error:

FAILURE: Failed to open the 'task' form with id '4d9fb984db231010542ae8cd1396194b'


This problem was fixed in Paris Patch 1 and onwards.

To prevent this failure, review the Open an Existing Record step to ensure the table and record's table are the same.

If they are not the same, upon seeing the "The form failed to load" failure, turn screenshots on to view the record that was actually opened in the ATF test, and ensure this is the same table as set in the Open an Existing Record step.

Related Problem: PRB1405481