UI action - add closed incidents on related list of problem


Customer would like to add closed incidents in the related list of a problem. Customer were not able to do that because the filter on the incident list shown did not allow you to alter the active is true condition. 


OOB script include in the UI action


1. Go to the incident record in the related list of the problem. Right click on any of the header and select configure > UI action

2. In the UI action, search for 'Add' under the Name field. Open the record.

3. Hover over the 'BulkAddIncidents' in line 2 of the script and open it in a new tab.

4. In 'BulkAddIncidents' script include, in line 24 of the script, remove "active=true^" from the "var fixedQuery".
Add Instance

5. Update the record.

Customer should be able to add closed incidents to the related list of the problem after this. 

Please know that this alteration to the script include is deemed as customisation. Therefore, customer will need to keep that in mind when upgrading to new releases in the future.