HR Scoped App: To-dos widget defect - Submit button doesn't work correctly when switching between to-do tasks


HR Scoped App: Submit button doesn't work correctly when switching between to-do tasks

Steps to Reproduce

Plugins needed:
1. Human Resources Scoped App: Core
2. Employee Service Center.

Steps to reproduce in OOB instance:
1. Create an Employee form "Accept or Reject Resolution".
2. Add following question using Form designer :
1. Please Accept or Reject Resolution ( type Choice)
2. Add two choice to above Question : Accept & Reject.
3. Click "Save & Publish" in form designer.
4. Create an HR case in Ready State.
5. Add an HR task of type 'Collect Employee Input' & 'Employee form' as 'Accept or Reject Resolution' ( created in steps 1 to 3).
6. Assign the HR task to employee, change the status to 'Ready' & Save.
7. Create one more HR task of some other type & assign it to the same employee.
8. Impersonate as employee.
9. Go to ESC portal -> To-dos, to see the tasks assigned to Employee.
10. Click on the "Accept or Reject Resolution" to-do
11. Select 'Accept' or 'Reject' for question "Please Accept or Reject Resolution".
12. Submit button should change colour and enable you to submit the form. DO NOT CLICK SUBMIT.
13. Next, click the other task.
14. Next, click on the "Accept or Reject Resolution" to-do once again.
15. The submit button should now be unavailable to click even if you change your selection on "Accept or Reject Resolution".


Make change in widget- "HRJ Task Collect Information" (sys_id=c97b3639870b63005346caf736cb0bd0)
In HTML template please replace the code at line number 5 ( <sp-widget widget="data.takeSurveyWidget"></sp-widget>)
With following code:
<sp-widget widget="::data.takeSurveyWidget"></sp-widget>

Please test this in non-PROD instance before use this workaround in PROD.

Related Problem: PRB1430761