Paris MID Server installation steps with screenshots


This article has steps for Paris MID Server installation with screenshots.

Release or Environment



Download MID Server installation .MSI file from MID Server > Download.

Note: If you use Internet Explorer, you can’t download the MSI.  The page will be replaced by a load of hieroglyphs, which suggests the browser is trying to load the MSI binary in the browser window, rather than treat it as a download.

Once downloaded open the installer with Administrator level privileges and run it.



Click Next


Provide URL details, MID Username and Password and Test connection.

Click Next to add Service Account details.


Create a Service Account user if it is not available.





You might end up with below error and we have a PRB1422626/KB0855251 already available.



As a workaround, add newly created service account user to “log on as a service” security policy and run MSI installer again from command prompt as Administrator. If the service account user already added under “log on as a service” then run MSI installer again from command prompt as Administrator.


Add user in Local Security Policy under “Log on as a Service”.


Run gpupdate from Admin command prompt for the changes to update.



Validate Service Settings





Login to the Instance and Navigate to MID Server. Open newly created MID server and validate.


Validate MID Server


MID Server status is UP and Running

Additional Information

For more information, refer to product document