In Workspace forms, unable to set back to null the "Subheading" field after setting a value.


In Paris, subheadings can be added to forms in Workspace. Below the documentation:
Set up form headers in workspace

The issue happens when the "Subheading" field needs to be set back to null (no field), but there is no way to do it.
This field is not mandatory, so the field should accept null. 


Note the "Subheading" is a "Field Name" field type with the following arguments:

Steps to Reproduce

1. Navigate to Workspace Experience > Forms > Form Headers and click New
2. Fill the fields as follow:
Table = incident
Primary field = short_description
Subheading = Select any field. For testing, any field is ok.

3. Save the record
4. Try to set to null the Subheading field. You can select any other field, but not null.


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