Discovery or the Cloud Operations fail with "Failed to process the payload for : List_Storage_Account_Response_Processor" error


It is observed that executing Discovery or Provisioning a VM from a Datacenter causing the below tables to create "empty" records

  1. cmdb_ci_azure_datacenter
  2. cmdb_ci_logical_datacenter

Once the "empty" records were generated, the VM provision fails with the below error.

Failed to process the payload for : List_Storage_Account_Response_Processor
["ABANDONEDAbandoned due to too many errors","INVALID_INPUT_DATAFound invalid sys_id in payload. No record with sys_id [b0fd6f9cdb88a8142da7e1994b961940] exist in table [cmdb_ci_azure_datacenter] 
or is a duplicate record with [duplicate_of] field set to a master CI","ABANDONEDAbandoned due to too many errors","ABANDONEDAbandoned due to too many errors"]

Steps to Reproduce

Response Processor issue: If we have different value passed for datacenter attribute in template and order form, the resource CI relationships be incorrect


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