Technical Services: View Result - "No records to display"


Clicking the "View Result" UI Action from the Technical Service record and encountered "No records to display".


a. Create technical services in one of the Instance A.
b. Export the records from Instance A and import it to Instance B.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Login to <Instance B>.
2. Navigate to "Service Mapping > Services > Technical Services"
3. Open a record
4. Click "Preview", shows <##> records.
5. Click "View Result", "No records to display"

Release or Environment



It seems that the hash field for the technical service showed the correct number although the svc_ci_assoc table was not filled with CIs.

It can happen for example when the service record is copied from another instance (without coping the svc_ci_assoc table).


1. Clear the "Hash" values of all the Technical Services [cmdb_ci_query_based_service].

2. Run [Execute Now] the Scheduled Job [Update Query Based Services] to calculates the Technical Services.