Prefix does not appear for SMS device type and SMS record is highlighted in blue in the table [sys_cs_conversation]


Prefix not showing for SMS device type and SMS presents wrong highlighting in table [sys_cs_conversation].

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Login a Paris instance with SMS 1.0.4.
  2. In system properties, for the record glide.ui.i18n_test, set the value to true.
  3. Navigate to Virtual Agent - Designer.
  4. Create a topic with any ControlType.
  5. Save and publish the topic.
  6. Test it with the Postman API.
  7. Open the table sys_cs_conversation.
  8. Check the conversation entry for device type - SMS. Observe there is no prefix for SMS and the field style is the blue text color instead of grey.
  9. Search for *SMS in the field - Device Type in table-sys_cs_conversation. Observe it shows no records to display although the record is present.


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