Planning console is giving console error while loading


When loading the planning console from the project , the user is getting a console error.

Error in console:
js_includes_sp_libs.jsx?v=06-26-2020_1117&lp=Tue_Aug_25_23_56_44_PDT_2020&c=30_600:12323 TypeError: Cannot read property 'value' of undefined

There is a JavaScript error in your browser console
Error Message :An error occurred while saving the preference
Response is null or does not have data object


The error is coming from below angular provided.

Deleted all the User preferences, still, the same User preference error is thrown for the User on the Planning console. The user doesn't have the permission of underlined scripts of Planning console to execute, add the "it_project_user" role to this user then he will not get the error.


Planning Console has PlanningConsoleAjax client callable script include where it needs the planning_connsole_user role to execute it. When we add the it_project_user role to the user then planning_console_user role also will be inherited to the user so the user will not see the issue in the planning console. User has the It_demand_manger role which contains it_project_user role so he will able to access the planning console, at the same time planning_console_user role also should inherit from it_project_user role to the current user but this role is not present for the current user. We have checked by removing it_demand_manger role and add it again then planning_console_user role also inherited to the user.

To conclude, User should have base planning_console_user role to see the planning console and usually, it will inherit from project_user role.