Same Tour is working for one user and not for another, based on the portal menu has badge showing or not


The same tour is working for users when there is no badge number showing on the portal header menu items such as 'My incidents' or 'My Orders'. But it is failing for another user, when they have some value showing up beside the menu item (i.e. there are some incidents against that user).


Let just take one, 'My incidents'. For this, with the same order, the customer had one URL type and one scripted lIst type menu item is present.

Now, those 2 shows up based on different conditions provided on those. However, they also form different URLs based on that too, The URL for the Scripted List menu item is different than the URL type menu item. Hence they create different DOM hierarchy on the HTML.

When a Guided Tour step/callout is created, for a single step, we can only define only a specific DOM structure. One Guide tour step can only be configured with one URL, not 2. Hence the above design is not in line with OOB design. That is why guided tour steps work for some user and do not work for some others.


As this is a customization use case, also not being in line with the design of Guided Tour , it is outside the scope of assistance from Technical Support. However, a suggestion is to have only one of the Menu item, without the conditions, so that it will show up for all users.