How to Link/ Unlink Now Community and Now Support (HI) accounts


This article describes the steps to link/ unlink Now Community and Now Support (HI) accounts.

Link your Now Community and HI accounts so you don't have to enter credentials every time.

Benefits for linking the accounts

  1. Post directly to Now Community from Now Support
  2. Access your Posts & View Responses from Now Support
  3. Convert unanswered Questions to Support Cases
  4. Get Personalized Content on Now Support and Now Community


There are Two ways to link Now Community and Now Support (HI) accounts.

Method #1

This is most easiest way to link the accounts:

  1. Click/ Copy & Paste this link into the address bar
  2. Enter your Now Support (HI) Credentials
  3. Click Sign In

4. On successful login into Now Support (HI) account, Enter your Now Community login Credentials

5. On successful login, a new screen with success message with a button to check the Now Community profile will be shown.

6. Click "Go to my community profile" to see the Now Community profile page.

For any reason, the Link in Method #1 fails to work/ not able to follow the steps, refer to next Methods for linking the accounts.

Method #2

Connecting the accounts through "Get Help" on HI Service Portal.

  1. Click on "Get Help" on HI Service Portal.
  2. Click on "Ask a Question"
  3. Click on "Post directly to the Community" button.

4. Verify your account by providing credentials of Now Community account.

5. On successful verification, a Form with set of fields will be shown to post the question on Now Community (associated with your linked Community profile).

Unlinking the accounts

If you prefer linking a different Now Community account to Now Support (HI), follow the steps below to unlink the existing account.

  1. Click your Image/ Name on top right hand corner in HI Service Portal
  2. Click on "My Profile"
  3. Under Profile Details, in Community Account section, click "Unlink this account".

Once the account is Unlinked, follow one of the methods above to relink Now Community and Now Support accounts. 

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