Why do emails end up in the junk folder without error string?


Sometimes incoming mails end up in the Junk folder without an error string. That could happen in cases such as messages from locked out users


As mentioned in the documentation page Allowing locked out users to process inbound email actions and in KB articles Incoming Emails Getting Ignored and Moved to Junk and Unable to process Inbound email action on emails received from inactive and locked out accounts, OOB Inbound emails are not creating tickets for inactive or locked out users but it does not necessarily mean it will add an error string in sys_email record as the issue is with the user and not the sys_email record.


To generate an error string,  the email filter plugin functionality in the filter navigator System Mailboxes > Filters will allow the instance to have a filter similar to the next example that is just a guidance as the content of the message and the conditions of the filter could change depending on the customer's business needs: