Form Layout: present fields which are dot-walked from another Reference field type may display as read-only, if that Reference field's dictionary is read-only.


You may encounter an issue where a form field is unexpectedly appearing as read-only.  Searching the typical avenues, you do not find any ACL's, UI Policies, Client Scripts, etc... making the field(s) non-editable. 


The cause for this may be the result of the following configuration:

  1. These fields are 'child fields' of a reference field on this table
  2. The reference field has been set to Read Only at the dictionary level


This is the expected behavior for this configuration.  You may need to verify by:

  1. Navigate to System Definition > Dictionary.
  2. Filter to find the target/affected reference field and open the record.
  3. Confirm the 'Read Only' checkbox value.

Additional Information

As an example, if you have configured the dictionary record for [sc_req_item.request] to be Read Only, the [sc_req_item] form should exhibit the following behavior: