ServiceNow BCM PDF Generation Installation Steps


  1. The following steps should be replicated by a ServiceNow Admin in any instance ServiceNow BCM is installed
  2. A ServiceNow BCM Technician or Partner will supply you with a folder which contains 5 Update Sets
  3. Navigate to System Definition: Plugins
  4. Search for Webkit HTML to PDF and make sure it is installed

  1. Navigate to Retrieved Update Sets and select the related link Import Update Set from XML
  2. Import the 5 Update sets
  3. Preview and commit the 5 update sets in the following order
    1. BCM PDF Global (Note: this update set is in global)
    2. BCM PDF
    3. BCM Update PDF UI
    4. BCM Update PDF UI 2
    5. BCM PDF Image Update


  1. Navigate to All Plans in the Business Continuity application
  2. Open a plan record and select View Plan in the header of the record
  3. In the top right of the Business Continuity UI select Generate PDF

  1. A new tab will open, and a progress bar will appear
  2. When the progress bar is completed a pdf will be downloaded which can be opened in the bottom left of the screen