Issue with Cost plan aligned to Resource Plan


When a Resource Plan is set to a state of 'Allocated' the associated Cost Plan records 'Entered Amount' (as well as the Entered Cost value on the Cost Plan Breakdown records) are zeroing out meaning the cost plan does not align to the resource plan.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Login to the Instance
  2. Navigate to tsp1_project table
  3. Open any project record (eg. Test Project)
  4. Create a new Resource Plan (eg: type FTE, user Abel Tutor, FTE 0.1)
  5. Request, confirm, and allocate resource plan.
  6. Open the Cost Plan associated with the Resource Plan and verify that Entered Amount is zero.
  7. Go to Cost Plan related list and verify that all Entered Costs are zero.

Release or Environment



Script Includes: 'CostPlan' has been customized:


Reverting the Script Includes: 'CostPlan' to OOB will fix the issue.