[Microsoft SharePoint]: FQDN, IP Address, Category, Type fields are not discovered.


Executes the discovery on Windows Server with the SharePoint application.
In the Product Documentation, it is stated that FQDN, IP Address, Category, Type fields/attributes are collected by Discovery.


However, when the SharePoint record is created, the said fields are just empty.

Example payload:
"items": [
"className": "cmdb_ci_win_server",
"values": {
"sys_id": "<sys_id>"
"className": "cmdb_ci_appl_sharepoint",
"values": {
"tcp_port": "",
"running_process_command": "C:\\Program Files\\Common Files\\Microsoft Shared\\Web Server Extensions\\14\\BIN\\wsstracing.exe",
"edition": "Standard",
"pid": "1512",
"version": " 14.0.7015.1000",
"sys_class_name": "cmdb_ci_appl_sharepoint",
"running_process_key_parameters": "\"C:\\Program Files\\Common Files\\Microsoft Shared\\Web Server Extensions\\14\\BIN\\wsstracing.exe\"",
"u_product_version": "14.0.701",
"vendor": "Microsoft",
"u_product_name": "Microsoft SharePoint Server",
"name": "Microsoft SharePoint Server@<server_name>",
"classifier": "2b8494a293302200c7a7b67a357ffb92",
"running_process": "<sys_id>"
"relations": [
"type": "Runs on::Runs",
"parent": 1,
"child": 0
"mainCiType": "cmdb_ci_appl_sharepoint"

Steps to Reproduce

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Run discovery on xx.xx.xxx.xx (IP Address of the Server that has Microsoft Sharepoint) and check the fields populated by discovery.


Please use the attached "sys_update_xml_d5ccb28ddb661810f5e1e4e38a96199e.xml" to apply the workaround to populate the FQDN and IP Address fields.

The documentation update has been submitted to remove the "Category" and the "Type" fields from the Data Collected.

Microsoft Sharepoint Discovery

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