Getting error for a item with Flow Designer on Service Portal for a specific user


When a user tries to open a catalog item on service portal [Catalog items which have Flow Designer attached], they are not able to access it and getting below error message.

com.snc.process_flow.exception.ProcessAutomationException: Plan does not exist with id of

Script source code logged to console

Failing widget: 'SC Catalog Item'


The issue happens because the OOB business rule "Delegated Dev Filter Flows" is restricting the user to access the flow designer:



The business rule looks for logged in user's sys_user profile if he contains any roles with prefix "sn_dd" and applies restriction to the flow designer due to which the user is not able to access the catalog item as well.

For the affected user, check in his sys_user profile if he has roles with prefix "sn_dd". If such roles are present, check if the roles could be removed or take the next action as per the business requirement.

Additional Information

Roles with the prefixes of "sn_dd" are related to delegated development and deployment:
System-managed developer and deployment roles