Inheritance along the data tree

SWEAGLE applies a tree-based structure for every dimension in the data model. At any level, child nodes can be flagged to inherit automatically all CDIs from their parent node. This inheritance can go x levels deep. The inheritance works from "top-down". 

Enabling inheritance

Inheritance can be enabled by selecting the node name in the data tree, and click the button "inherit" from the node menu bar. 

When inheritance is enabled the node receives automatically all the CDI's from the parent node. In case the CDI exists already and it has the same key name and value then it automatically becomes an inherited CDI. In case the CDI key name exists already but its value is different than at parent level, then no chance is applied and the CDI remains as a "local CDI". 

Local versus inherited CDI

A "local CDI" is independent of the parent node, and will not get updated when changes happen at the parent node. When the user changes the value for an inherited CDI, then it automatically becomes a "local CDI". 

Revert to inherited CDI

A CDI which was changed to a local CDI can always be reverted back to the parent CDI by right-clicking on the CDI and choose "inherit from parent". The CDI will be updated to contain the same value as at the parent node and it will be flagged as "inherited" again.