Adding or updating configuration data - data changeset

In order to perform changes to the data model, the user must open a new data changeset or scope into an existing data changeset. A changeset is basically a way to group a list of changes to the data model, review them, and apply all the changes together at the time of approval of the changeset. There can be multiple changesets open at any time as multiple changes can be in the process of being prepared. At any time, a user can exit the changeset he/she is working on and resume it at a later moment in time.

While you are scoped into a data changeset, then you view the "main" data model with the changes of the changeset applied. Another user who is not scoped into the same data changeset will not yet see the changes from other open data changesets. Only once a data changeset becomes approved, then all changes are "applied" to the main data model and all other users will see the new main data model.

Opening a data changeset

A user can open a new changeset by clicking the icon in the top-right menu. The name of the changeset is automatically set, and there is the option to enter a description for the data changeset. The changeset details are displayed in the top menu whenever a user is "scoped" into a data changeset. If the data changeset has a red background color it means the changeset is open and new changes can be added:

If it's blue and has a lock icon it means the data changeset has been approved already and no more changes can be added:

Approving a data changeset

To approve the data changeset, the user can click on the data changeset indicator (red box) in the top menu. That will show the full list of modifications that have been done in the scope of this changeset. The user has the possibility to undo some changes, and if all ok, approve the data changeset. Once the changeset is approved, all changes are applied to the master data model and all other users will see the updated data model.

The list of data changesets

The list of data changesets can be found in the "incoming" menu item. The list can be filtered and sorted by name, description, status, or number of changes. The toggle button for status always to quickly filter the list for changesets with Valid or Blocked status. 

The CDI column shows for approved data changesets the number of configuration settings that have been added "+x", modified (x) and deleted "-x". 

Scoping in and out of a data changeset

To scope out of a data changeset:

  1. Click on the icon next to the data changeset name in the top menu bar.

To scope into a data changeset:

  1. Navigate to the list of data changesets (under the menu item "incoming")
  2. Select the data changeset
  3. Select the "scope" button. Depending on the status of the data changeset, you will see:
    • a red data changeset box (for open/active changeset)
    • or a blue box with a lock icon (for already approved changeset).