Record number prefix is not working properly / Case numbering issue


This issue can be seen when the number prefix is not followed like it is supposed to.

Here is an example:

TASK0001001 <-- As seen here, this number has the 'TASK' prefix and followed by 7 numbers.

Maybe the number on your record after it generates is only 1001, or 0001001 without the 'TASK' (Or any) prefix.


This could usually be caused by 1 of 2 things.

1. The prefix record does not exist on the 'sys_number' table.

2. The prefix record exists, but is being overridden on the 'sys_number_counter' table.

If the prefix record exists on the 'sys_number' table, often times the issue would lie in the 'sys_number_counter' table.

Imagine the table that is having this issue is "sn_hr_core_case_workforce_admin". Whenever a record is created on this table it just shows 1001 and increments by 1 per every record created.

The 'sys_number' prefix exists for the 'sn_hr_core' table which carries down to the 'sn_hr_core_case_workforce_admin' table.

The issue was found in the 'sys_number_counter' table, as this number counter system was being overridden by a customer created number counter record.

The record was added on 'sys_number_counter' for the table 'sn_hr_core_case_workforce_admin', and with the number 1000 attached to it.

This overrides the parent 'sys_number_counter' record and now stops the prefix from showing.


In the above case where 'sn_hr_core_case_workforce_admin' wasn't showing the proper prefix, the issue was lying within the 'sys_number_counter' table.

A user created a record on that table that overrode the parent 'sn_hr_core' record.

The fix was to remove this record so that the parent prefix and number system would take back over.

If you are experiencing these issues, please check both the 'sys_number' and 'sys_number_counter' tables. Verify that these records are attached to the proper tables with the proper Prefix.

Also keep an eye out for parent tables that create the prefixes and what number is being assigned to the records.