Gantt chart doesn't show any tasks in Orlando


Gantt chart doesn't show any tasks in Orlando.

We have seen a few Project records where it doesn't show the Gantt chart. 

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Log in to the instance
2. Go to Projects
3. Open any Project Eg "PRJ0066202"
4. Open the record and click on the link "Gantt Chart"
5. It doesn't display the Graph. The screen is blank even though the Project has many sub-tasks

Release or Environment



Gantt chart UI ( became deprecated, as we see in our OOB instances the UI action 'Gantt Chart' is set to false.


We recommend switching to the planning console UI for the Gantt chart as it is working as expected on the planning console and you might face similar issues for the projects with the Gantt Chart Ui action.

Gantt Chart is deprecated and has been replaced with the 'Planning console'.

The planning console is the Gantt chart only.