Custom Tables | Licensing Overview

For detailed information about your licenses and costs associated, you will have to reach out to your ServiceNow Sales Rep as this is all dependent on your contract setup with ServiceNow.

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A custom table is defined as any non-ServiceNow provided table that you create or install on the Now Platform. Some tables are exempted from being classified as a custom table.

You can freely create or install custom tables on a non-production instance. However, creation or installation of custom tables on a production instance requires a custom table entitlement granted when you purchase a product subscription. For example, a single subscription might include a total entitlement of 50 custom tables.

For a detailed description of custom table use rights, and a listing of exempt ServiceNow provided tables, see the Custom Table Guide below:

A custom table entitlement is an individual component of a subscription, but is not a type of subscription itself. Standard licensing metrics, such as fulfiller, requester, and unrestricted, and the subscription types, such as Per-User and Capacity, still apply to subscriptions with custom table entitlements. To learn more about licensing metrics and subscription types, see:

Getting started with Subscription Management

Types of Subscriptions

After you finalize the purchase of a subscription with a custom table entitlement, the entitlement is delivered, with related subscription data, to your production instance. The subscription and custom table entitlement data appear in a subscription record in Subscription Management.

As your developers create and deploy new custom tables on your production instance, use the Subscription form to allocate them to individual subscriptions. You can use Subscription Management dashboards to monitor the current table allocations and their compliance statuses, and take corrective action as needed. To learn more about how this allocation process works, see:

Allocate your custom tables to subscriptions

Monitor custom table allocations and subscriptions

Further Details: Allocating your custom tables to a subscription entitlement

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