Multiple CDS as input for an exporter

With v3.3 the backend now supports an optional list of additional CDS as input. The list of the additional CDS is provided with the argument mdsArgs=mdsName1,mdsName2

This is currently backend enabled only. In order to test run this capability you have to write the exporter parser, publish it, and then use the API call to see the result. The UI will be updated asap with an upcoming release.

curl -X POST "" -H "Authorization: bearer e2f0354a-0611-4da9-9162-f0679acc6d3b" -d "mds=myMDS1&parser=myExporterName&args=node1&format=JSON&mdsArgs=myMDS2,myMDS3"

Additionally, you can also specify the snapshot tags to refer to a specific stored "version" of the CDS. In that case, the snapshot tags must be added as an extra argument mdsTags=tag1,tag2. When no tag is specified the latest stored snapshot will be used. 

curl -X POST "" -H "Authorization: bearer e2f0354a-0611-4da9-9162-f0679acc6d3b" -d "mds=myMDS1&tag=tag1&parser=myExporterName&args=node1&format=JSON&mdsArgs=myMDS2,myMDS3&mdsTags=tag2,tag3"

How to use

There is a new object metadatasets which is an array of all the provided mdsNames. 

You must create a parser and publish it. But in order to publish it requires to first execute successfully. Within the config data set exporter screen, you must first select a parser. Optionally, select the snapshot Tag you wish to export. 

On the Extra Config Data Set Input option - choose which snapshots and associated Tags you wish to export.

The associated API commands will auto-update with your selection. As seen in the below.

curl -X POST \ -H "Authorization: bearer$atoken" -d "mds=AWS-EC2-Instance&parser=all&args=&mdsArgs=Client-DEV,Client-Jenkins,Client-PRD&format=JSON&tag=&mdsTags=,v1.123,6.0.1"

You will also require an exporter which collates the CDS data into a singular file.

// You can enter your own code here to manipulate the selected Metadataset.
// Or, try : ` return args;`
for (var i = 0 ; i < metadatasets.length; i++) {
        metadataset[+i] = metadatasets[i];
return metadataset;