API method - for exporters and templates

SWEAGLE offers an API endpoint to retrieve the content of the data set in API - consume data through exporters (JSON, YAML, etc) or API - consume data through templates (based upon templates). 

Example API call for configData

Authorization: bearer 18a049d2-fff2-xxxx-847b-d392c10c3rff

The mdsName, ParserName with optional arguments, and the format are required. More info: API - consume data through exporters.

configuring the API call details

SWEAGLE offers help to configure example API calls in various languages through the built-in export browser. This allows you to "preview" what the response will be which the requester will receive, as well as a wizard-driven approach to configuring such API calls. The export browser can be accessed through the "stored" data set page and selecting a config data set name.

In the export browser, the user can select any of the assigned exporters, enter optionally arguments and set the output format. The left panel shows the exact response content and format as generated by the SWEAGLE API endpoint. The right panel contains example calls in cURL, Microsoft Powershell, Python, and Perl. These commands can be directly copied to the clipboard for further usage. Note that by default these example calls are created with the accessToken for the current user credentials and this token will expire soon.

For an advanced configuration with the credentials of a different system user or with an API user, use the Help button which will guide you through the steps to create an example custom API call based upon the selected config data set name, parser, and arguments for each of the supported formats. Choose between User and API  to configure example custom API call for any of those user types.