Error when trying to add a new Project task or move current tasks within planning console


When in Project, if a new Project task is added or if tasks are moved, a generic error is seen: Unexpected error encountered. Contact System Administrator

Although this error can be generated for a variety of issues, the issues are typically data-related issues within the Project or Project Tasks themselves.

Release or Environment



Generally, the first level of troubleshooting can be made by selecting Project Diagnostics in the Related Links section of the Project. *Available to any Project Managers 

This will illuminate any invalid parents or incorrectly associated tasks. For example, if the top_task value is incorrect, or any parent value.

If the top_task is anything other than the expected Project (that is the top Project), you will need to address this.


If through Project Diagnostics or looking at a list view of Project or Project Tasks, an incorrect association is seen, you can correct this via the following methods:

  1. Clear out the Top Task field*
  2. Change the Parent to a proper value (Project or Project Task)*

*In situations where it is not possible to remove a field value (from security constraints, etc), you can always export the XML of the problem record (where the incorrect relation is), update the XML, and then re-import the XML of the Project task. This should only be done in extreme cases and should be tested in a sub-production instance first. This can easily be tested by exporting the Project from the problem instance (From the Project, navigate to the Project: Configure > Export to XML will export the entire Project and it's Project tasks)