[Discovery-ActiveMQ] OOB patterns ability to discover ActiveMQ


OOB pattern should have the ability to discover ActiveMQ and below are some requirements:

1. Redhat AMQ as a separate CI class with connectivity section for Camel connectivity to IBM Websphere MQ (WMQ)
2. Obtain version info for the Redhat AMQ
3. Determine if Redhat AMQ queues need to be in a separate class with a connectivity section going to IBM Websphere MQ (WMQ) - Note: Our current map shows Redhat AMQ CI as a generic application with connectivity to queues. These queues are Websphere queues.
4. Determine if we need a Redhat AMQ broker information
5. We are currently hard-coding the file path; we would need an install path to access the XML file
6. Note: Should we have Redhat AMQ queues class and pattern with connectivity to IBM Websphere (WMQ) via Apache Camel?
7. Leveraged existing extension section to create the custom pattern

Steps to Reproduce

Try discovering the ActiveMQ.


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