Creating a Project from a Project Template record using the 'Create Project' UI Action fails


When clicking the UI Action 'Create Project' on any Project Template, the create_project UI Page is opened via popup. Here, you may select the Planned start date and Project name. On Submit, the Project should be created. Symptoms of the issue may include a redirect to the same popup dialogue, but in a new WINDOW (and not a popup)

OOB System Property details:

Description: Defines the start year for the project schedule cache (eg. 2009)

Type: integer

Release or Environment



To specify the issue, inspect the Console via Chrome Developer tools (right-click anywhere on the form where a ServiceNow context menu is not displayed e.g. where you see a context menu displaying 'Print', 'Save', 'Inspect', etc). Select 'Inspect'. In the following pane or console window, select 'Console' and inspect for any errors.

You may see errors similar to: com.glideobject.GlideDateTime_setYear( 1511)

Issue is seen if the System Property com.snc.project.schedule_cache_start is set to any invalid value. Since the system property is an integer type property, an integer value is expected by the system. (e.g. if the value of the property is 'true', it will cause the GlideDateTime to error out when the property is accessed on Project creation)


  1. Navigate to System Properties
  2. Filter for name= com.snc.project.schedule_cache_start
  3. Ensure that value is valid (and integer based) 
    *OOB, there is NO value for this system property