When a Project has its Project Name changed Resource Allocation Daily records do not have their Name updated to match


When resource plans get allocated, Resource Allocation Daily records are created with the Name field statically set to match the project name. When the project name is changed or updated at any time the Name of the Resource Allocation Daily records doesn't change accordingly.

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Our Product team has mentioned that this is the expected behavior currently as updating the names of all the Resource Allocation Daily records could have a massive performance impact.


There is no current workaround as this is expected behavior. However, a Business rule idea you may choose to implement is a Business rule on the pm_project table that runs on Update - when the Short Description/Project Name is updated - to run through any resource_allocation_daily records which match (e.g.: gr.addEncodedQuery('task=' + current.sys_id);).

Then, in a loop, you may update the Resource Allocation Dailys to match the current.short_description (e.g.: gr.name = current.short_description;)

For further assistance in script implementation, please refer to ourĀ Community forums.