GRC Assessment List widget has error when using french language: Server JavaScript error missing } after property list


A javascript error is encountered when french speaking users try to navigate to a page containing the GRC Assessment List widget:

Server JavaScript error missing } after property list

There is a translation record that is causing the widget's server code to fail.

Steps to Reproduce

Reproduced issue with Orlando Patch 4

activate plugins (and demo data):
GRC: Policy and Compliance Management
GRC: Risk Management
GRC: Profiles
GRC: Risk
18N: French Translations

1. impersonate user Patty Bernasconi
2. select english language for the user session
3. go to service portal

4. select the menu GCR and select item "My Risk Assessments"
> see that page is displayed containing widget "GRC Assessment List"
>see that there are records displayed with links with title "Take Assessment"

5. repeat with french language selected
> the service portal page does not load successfully
> there is javascript errors encountered (see screenshot)
> the widget is empty

it seems that the french translation text for the message "Take Assessment" is breaking the server code eg. because it including an apostrophe character.

link to the translation record:

the value is "Passer l'évaluation"


Issue is resolved by modifying the translation record and escaping the apostrophe character with a backslash eg. "Passer l\'évaluation"

Related Problem: PRB1417591