How To Set Up Microsoft Azure AD Spoke


In this article we are going to describe the step by step approach on how to Set Up Microsoft Azure AD Spoke


1. We need to ensure that we have the integration hub plugin install.

  * Integration Hub

  * Request Integration Hub

2. Install the Microsoft Azure AD Spoke.

Go to System Definition -> plugin > type "Microsoft Azure AD spoke"

Click Install

3. Once the installation is complete , on your instance you should see something like below:

4.Azure AD connection needs OAuth Profile.

Get the client Id and Client Secret from the Azure portal to create a oAuth profile.

  1. Navigate to System OAuth > Application Registry.
  2. Click New.
    The system displays the message What kind of OAuth application?
  3. Select Connect to a third party OAuth Provider.
    The system displays a blank Application Registries form.
  4. Enter these values

Refer attached screenshot :

5. Create Connection and Credential Aliases. Refer below screenshots to create Alias, Connection and Credentials

Azure AD Alias :

Connection Record :

Credentials Record: Attach OAuth profile here 

6. With step 5 Spoke setup completed. Get OAuth Token from Credentials form (refer above screen)

Refer product documentation to check more details : Set up Microsoft Azure AD spoke

Additional Information

You can also check the knowledge article on how to use the Create User Action for the Microsoft Azure AD Spoke