How to check GraphQL network calls in Agent Workspace


When performing actions in Agent Workspace, like opening a record, a list, or clicking an action, GraghQL network calls are sent to the server and they contain a lot of useful information. Drilling into the GraphQL request will provide information regarding the record or action performed.

Release or Environment

Madrid and forward


- Open Chrome Developer Tools

- Select the Network tab and ensure you are recording and Preserve log is checked

- Perform the desired action or reload the page

- Watch for GraphQL network calls in the log

- Most of the time the first one will contain the information you are looking for

- Select the GraphQL call, select Preview/Response and drill into it to get more information

- This example shows the GraphQL call for an Incident record. See below examples of some of the information you can get from it.

Related Lists loaded on the form:

UI Actions loaded on the form:

All fields and values for the record:

Field states for all the fields on the form, visible, mandatory, readonly, etc:

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