Bi-directional account relationships giving error


Created a new type for Account Relationships that can help to show some extra data in some cases. So, its look like:
Account From: Account 1 (Can view Data of Account 2)
Case Sharing: Data Sharing
Account To: Account 2 (Share Data for Account 1).

This works fine. But, in some cases there is a need of bi-directional sharing data. So, while to trying to crreate something like below after creating above, 
Account From: Account 2 (Can view Data of Account 1)
Case Sharing: Data Sharing
Account To: Account 1 (Share Data for Account 2).

gives the following error:
Unique Key violation detected by database ((conn=74323) Duplicate entry 'XXXXXXXXXX for key 'from_company')
Error MessageInvalid update


The error is expected because a bi directional relationship has already been established and accounts have been associated with it.
So, creating another one from account2->account1 is simply a duplicate which system does not allow.


No need to create another bi-directional relationship once its already created between 2 accounts.