Resource Allocations not using correct Rate lines for Resource Users


After creating Rate lines for Resources of specific roles and groups, you may see issues where - even with the correct Rate Model associated - the Rate line or rate being used, does not match the Resource, Role and Group associated with the Resource Plan.

For example: You may have a catch-all Rate line for a specific group, and then specific rates for select users inside of that group. When requesting or allocating a Resource Plan, the rate being applied to the allocated resources uses the rate associated to the catch-all and not the specific user, even though the criteria match for the select user.

Release or Environment

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Ensure that the Rate line pattern and the values listed in the Rate line attributes (seen in a related list under every Rate Line) match

When navigating to the Rate line, you may inspect the XML. From here the <pattern> tag displays the saved pattern values that the system will check when Resources are allocated.

[code]<pre><code>&lt;pattern&gt;<br/><br/>sys_id_1 :: sys_id_2 :: sys_id_3<br/><br/>&lt;/pattern&gt;<br/></code></pre>[/code]

Also listed in the XML will be the actual Rate model pattern under <rate_model>

Example: Group -> Role -> Resource *You can use this as a key for the Rate Attribute values listed. If the sys_ids for the respected types do not match (AKA: sys_id_1, which is the sys_id of Group, does not match the sys_id of the Group listed in the Resource Attributes)


If values between the Rate pattern and the Rate Attributes are not matching, you can update these by utilizing an OOB Business Rule called 'Generate Pattern'. OOB, this Business Rule is inactive, meaning you will need to set it to Active is true, before running it. To use this UI Action, you will need to navigate to the actual Rate line record you wish to sync/update. *You will not see the UI Action from the helpful Rate line UI and must view the actual rate_model_line record.


Turn on the 'Generate Pattern' Business rule:

  1. Navigate to Business Rules (sys_script.list)
  2. Filter for Name=Generate Pattern
  3. Open Generate Pattern
  4. Set Active=true
  5. Save/Update

Locate the Rate line to update:

  1. Navigate to Project Administration > Rate Model > All
  2. Open respected Rate Model
  3. Select Related Link: View Rate Lines
  4. Locate the correct Rate line to update and COPY the Rate line number (i.e.: RML000XXXX)

Running 'Generate Pattern':

  1. Navigate to rate_model_line.list (Type rate_model_line.list into the Filter Navigator and click ENTER)
  2. Filter for Number= copied Rate number
  3. Open Rate line
  4. Select Related Link: Generate Pattern