Service Mapping's ITOM Error Tasks table sa_error_handler_task is missing its own Prefix and Numbering, causing confusion and duplicate task numbers


The table used for ITOM Error Tasks [sa_error_handler_task], that are created from the Service Mapping Home 's Fix section checking the detected errors, are missing their own prefix and numbering, using the base task table's instead (e.g. TASK0081470).

This makes identifying the type of task difficult, means numbering will not be sequential for these tasks, and potentially can lead to duplicate task numbers with tasks for 'task' itself or other extending tables that also don't have their own numbering prefix.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Access Service Mapping Home
  2. Enter the "Fix" section and look for some active issues to work with.
  3. Under the "Action on All" section, click on "Create a task"
  4. This will create a task on the 'sa_error_handler_task' table that shares Prefix and Numbering (field 'number') with the elements of the parent table 'task'.

Expected behaviour would be to have a sys_number and sys_number_counter record for this table, so that the prefix and number sequence is specific to this table only.


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