Community Events – Reminder not working properly ("sn_communities.event.reminder")


When a user creates an event in the /community portal per utilizing the "Event" option in the "Post Content" widget, the "sn_communities.event.reminder" event does not fire, even though it should (especially if the event is a same-day event, as the "sn_communities.event.reminder" should always fire at least at the 24-hour mark prior to an event).


This was found to be reproducible in Out of Box (OOB) New York and Orlando instances, and as such, a PRB was authored to address it: PRB1410182.

An update set of some customized OOB records was provided to address the issue, but with a warning to any user who would like to utilize it: please be sure to remove updates made on the sys_update_xml table after the update set is committed. For each record within the update set, there will be a corresponding "change" record on the sys_update_xml table. Be sure to remove that record of change to ensure that future updates are not missed as a result of customization.