"Planned dates" not editable and as well Roll up functionality has been broken in release management tables


Steps to Reproduce:

1.Log on to clariosdev
2.Navigate to Release > Product
3.Create a Product
4.Create New release and we can see Planned dates are not editable.

Checks to be made on customer's Instance:

> "Recalculate" BR on planned_task is not active on the customer's instance.

>The one that we saw as active in our OOTB instance is actually has a sys_id "3a3412b09f230200598a5bb0657fcf69" which is actually coming from the "Planned Task_v2" plugin

> They do not have the same plugin installed on the instance.

> Planned task_v2 plugin actually comes with PPM plugin and where they do not have the same subscribed.

Additional Information


1.With out having the Planned Task_v2 plugin installed if the customer wishes to make the Planned Start/End dates editable.The ACLs need to be overwritten.

2. Below ACLs are the ones that are restricting,


3. Rollups are not working from feature to release - OOB roll up's will work only if they have planned_task_v2 plugin.