List V3 - Users cannot clear Date/Time [glide_date_time] or Date [glide_date] fields' values from list view cell edit


Date/Time and Date fields do not update when clearing the value via cell edit. When user attempts to clear the value by way of cell-edit / double-clicking the cell, the old value is still present after clicking 'save'.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Login an instance with List V3 plugin activated (now deprecated).
2. Navigate to a table with affected field(s) (ex: cmdb_ci_appl.list).
3. Personalize [cmdb_ci_appl] list to add the Ordered and Purchased fields.
4. Note 'Ordered' is a glide_date_time. Note 'Purchased' is a 'glide_date'.
5. Cell edit the 'Purchased' value of a row. Notice you can use the Date Picker to select different values.
6. Cell edit the 'Purchased' value of the same row now that there is a value. Try to clear the current value and click save. Notice a date value remains in the cell, it is not removed and saved.
7. Cell edit the 'Ordered' value of a row. Notice you can not cell edit this field type, the value never accepts your input.


This behaviour is by design. List v3 is now deprecated and no longer supported.

Related Problem: PRB1238947