ATF step 'Apply Filter to List' takes a long time due to related list being loaded prior to the from being rendered


ATF step 'Apply Filter to List' can take a long time due to related list result set being generated prior to the from being rendered, for tables that have a large number of relationships.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Log into any Orlando instance.
2. Create and save a new ATF test.
3. Add a test set step 'Navigate to Module' and select a 'Users' list module.
4. Add a test step 'List and Related List' > 'Apply Filter to List'.
The page takes a long time to load because of the large number of related lists on sys_user.


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Because set of related lists are computed both during page render and in an ajax call right after the page loads in Paris and earlier, if steps are created on a table other than sys_user and subsequently changed, the expensive related list computation during page render can be avoided.

Related Problem: PRB1412917