Screen reader announces Design System content multiple times due to HTML title attribute


Several components in the Now Design System (including now-label-value and now-modal) use the HTML "title" attribute to display a native browser tooltip on hover when text content is truncated with an ellipsis. This is an accessibility anti-pattern, as it can cause screen readers to announce this content twice.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Enable Accessibility.
2. Load 'CSM workspace' and 'Customer Service Management Demo data' plugins.
3. Navigate to Agent workspace > Lookup and verify > Configuration, make both consumer and contact lookup active. 
4. Login with userid "jodi.seals".
5. Open the /workspace page and click on + to create a new interaction.
6. Select 'Verify contact'.
7. On the Verify Contact modal, type in the contact's name 'julie lewis', phone number, email address, or case number.
8. Select the contact from the search results. Verification card shows correct info of the selected contact.
9. Upon clicking verified, the selected contact is populated back on the interaction record along with the account associated with the contact. The interaction is automatically saved. 

Unnecessary title attribute on dialog heading and definition list can lead to repeated content when using a screen reader:

<h1 id="modalHeader" class="eds-modal-header eds-line-height-crop" title="Verify Contact">
<span class="eds-modal-header-label">Verify Contact</span> 
<div class="eds-line-height-crop">
<div class="eds-label-value-label" title="Email">
<div class="eds-line-height-crop">
<div class="eds-label-value-value" title="">


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As a workaround, remove unnecessary title attributes.

Related Problem: PRB1362288