Change reverted to new and approvals are behaving differently


when a change is canceled and move to new by clicking "back to new" button".The previous approvers should be shown as requested and new approvals are not created but in Orlando version the approvals are behaving differently where the previous approvals are set to canceled and new approvals are created

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Log into Orlando instance and create a new change of type normal
  2. Create the change task
  3. move the change to assess
  4. check the approvals and approve anyone record, this will change the state of the other records to "No Longer Required"
  5. Refresh and observe that another set of approval records are created
  6. Reject any requested approval then, the changing state moves to cancelled
  7. Click on back to new UI action
  8. Change moves to a new state
  9. repeat step 2,3 and observe that the new approvals are created

Release or Environment

This issue is observed from orlando release


The behavior which is being observed in the Orlando is an expected behavior where the behavior has been changed through a problem PRB1372403 where the all pending approval records are marked as canceled and a message is added to them, approved, Rejected and No longer required approval records stay in the same state and upon requesting approvals again previous approval records are completely disregarded and new approval records are attached instead


If the requirement is to have the NewYork version behaviour in Orlando version then need to change the below-mentioned script include to OOB NewYork version script include

Script includes:

https://<instance-name> to newyork version