Unable to close the incident where the invalid state transition error is showing up


We have a functionality where the close incident ui action is clicked the state of the incident should move from resolved to closed but the issue is when clicking on the close incident ui action the form is reloading but the state is not updating to closed and throwing the below errors:

error1:Invalid state transition cannot update from state resolved to close with the given values

error2:Invalid update

Steps to reproduce:

1.Impersonte the user mentioned in caller field
2.Create an incident
3.Assign the incident to a user
4.Impersonate to the assigned to user and resolve the incident
5.Impersonate caller user and click on close incident ui action
6.We can see an invalid update error pops up


The issue is happening because of the state model where for all the states like 'in progress','new','resolved' there are state transitions defined where the enter conditions are also mentioned but for the closed state there is no transition defined where the close incident ui action is not able to update the state to closed


Create the state transition for the closed state which will allow the close incident ui action to update the state as closed

Below is the link where state model and state transitions are present

Additional Information

Check if there are any custom business rules which are causing invalid update

Check if there are any client script which are trying to update the fields with different value on what the fields are expected to have the value

Check if there are any dictionary overrides where the states are being changed