Default filter defined in a list control for a m2m table is not being honored sometimes when editing in slushbucket


Created a m2m table for 2 custom tables, configured the m2m table as a related list and created a list control for the related list to apply default filter.
In some case, on the first load, the filter will not be loaded correctly, as a result, some unwanted records are pulled in the slush bucket

Steps to Reproduce

1. Go to a Madrid demo instane
2. Create 2 custom table extending from task, Table one & Table two
3. Go to tab.list and create new
4. Set From table: Table One, To table: Table Two and Many to Many table: u_m2m_table_two_one
5. Create 2 new records on Table one, set one's active to false
6. Create a new record on Table two
7. Right click on the new table two record > Configure > related list
8. Add Table One related list to the layout
9. Right click on the Table one related list > Configure > List control
10. Add "Edit default filter" as Active is true > Save
11. Click on the "Edit..." button on the table one related list
Expected behavior: only one record should show
Actual behavior: 2 records shows on the left slushbucket
NOTE: If this is not happening, please try to repeat step 11 a few times or hop to another node


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