Unable to update the Standard Change record, after Upgrade to Orlando


Unable to update the standard change.

Steps To Replicate:

Navigate to "Change -> create New 
Create a new change and try to update the record it will throw an error. And the state is also not getting updated.

Expected Behavior: Change should be updated/saved.

Actual Behavior: While Updating we are getting error. "Invalid update" and error "Fields Type populated from a Standard Change Template cannot be modified"


The business rule which is restricting the change to get updated is:
Restrict fields from Standard Change


The Standard Change Properties were customized.


Standard Change Properties were customised.


The Read-only fields included in the standard change properties in affected instance:
Description, Backout plan, Test plan, Implementation plan, Short description,type

The "type" field should be excluded here. In OOB we don't have type field included in the Read Only fields.
As the whole functionality is connected the change record is being aborted by being updated by the business rule- Restrict fields from Standard Change.

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