Map to field is not populating the values on the form


The map to field variable is configured on record producer, the field value is mapped on to a custom table.

Variable "A" and Variable "B" both have the map to field configured. The value is popped on the form for one variable but not for the other.

Steps To Replicate:

1. Go to record producer create a record by clicking TRY IT

2. Record is created in a custom table (according to the configuration in customer instance, this can be ignored)

3. The form shows the variable "A" value but the variable "B" value is blank.

Note: Both the variables has the same configuration. Could see that the variables availability is disabled everywhere in variable configuration.

After enabling the variable availability for the variable "B" it shows the value but, it is always disabled for variable "A" still the issue is not exists for variable "A".

Release or Environment



Business Rule


Custom Business rule is setting the Variable "A" value inspite of the availability is false on the configuration.

After disabling the rule the Variable "A" will also show blank on the form (As expected)
So ideally, the availability is false for both the variables so the values are blank on the form inspite of the map to field is enabled.

Additional Information