Broken safeguard causing OOM on MID Server when running LDAP Import


MID Server will run into OutOfMemoryError when running LDAP import under the following use case scenarios:

1. Cloning an Orlando or newer instance over pre-Olando release and preserving  LDAP Data Source tables.
2. Exporting LDAP Data Source from pre-Olando release instance and import into Orlando or newer instance.

Steps to Reproduce

Scenario 1:

1. Setup LDAP Data Source on Pre-Orlando instance.
2. Clone this instance over a temp instance.
3. Setup Data Preserver on temp instance for LDAP Data Source table
4. Upgrade Original Pre-Orlando instance to Orlando or newer 
5. Clone the newly upgraded instance over temp instance
6. Run LDAP Import and monitor MID Server for OOM

Senario 2:

1. Configure LDAP Data Source from Pre-O release
2. Export and Import the Data Source to O release
3. Run the LDAP import and monitor MID Server for OOM.


1. Go to the following list for LDAP Data Source
2. Set "LDAPProbe result set rows" to 200

Related Problem: PRB1413197