g_form.modified does not work in agent workspace


g_form.modified does not work in agent workspace

Steps to Reproduce

1. Go to any Madrid Patch 4.
2. Go to UI Action resolve on table incident
3. Put a condition like below in line number 2 in script section
alert(g_form.modified + " Platform ");
4. Put the same condition in Workspace client script
5. Now go to any open incident record and change anyhting on the form (like short description)
6. click on the ui action resolve.
7. Notice that the alert comes up
8. Do the same step in agent workspace and notice that there is no alert coming up.

P.S : I have created a small video for more detailed information.

This is still valid for Orlando.


At this time there is no exposed APIs on g_form to check if the form has been modified. This is on purpose. Please open a feature request with product management to request the addition of this API.

This problem needs to be addressed in a future version.

Related Problem: PRB1352275